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Inactive Deals/Cards - Consider change in deal stage, scheduled meetings etc.

Currently the inactive deals/cards feature only takes into consideration calls, emails, notes etc. when highlighting a card as inactive. 


Deals should also consider scheduled meetings and changes to deal stages within the set time frame as in such cases, deals are still in progress. 


Example: we have a deal which has moved through to the 'quote sent' stage without any new notes, emails etc. being tracked. This deal is still in progress but is showing as a grey inactive card in grid view. 


Is this possible to add, please?

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For us, we also have a very long sales cycle and it's not unusual for there to not be active for a certain period of time. It would be nice if this was a customizable setting for when a deal becomes inactive.


@cstaffordlena you can set a custom time frame for when the cards are marked as inactive. I can't figure out how to put a different amount of time on each deal stage, but you can change it for the whole process in Board Actions/Edit Cards. I think it defaults to 14 days, but you can change to whatever suits your cycle.


If we scheduled future activities on a deal, the deal card should be white.  Not blue. 


Please add a 'into future timeframe day counter' as well.

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Commenting for a customer here:


  • Deals are logged as inactive within the set time frame if there are no logged activities (tasks, emails, notes) but sometimes these deals are still being worked on and customer would like to keep the deals as active.
  • So long as a deal property is updated, the deal should remain as active without needing for an activity (note, task etc) to be logged to the deal - "using only logged activities (and not property changes) seems too restrictive"

Use case

  • current process to keep track of "open deals" is to create custom deal properties, then create a view that they can use to quickly identify priority issues (in our case marked ZZZ or XXX) and address these in team meetings as using notes/tasks for this is nowhere near as effective
  • but since a field is being updated it should also be triggering the deal to be active

It is not efficient to be asking sales/service teams to be updating both the custom fields and properties as that is unnecessary duplication & creating a "dummy task" workflow to duplicate the same text in the notes, while much easier than the users doing this, just adds extra unnecessary info to the deal (the notes are where users are adding more specific/detailed information as needed)


looks like only option at the moment is to turn off the setting to make deals inactive

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Agree with Jacqueline! Have a customer with a similar use case - where they are looking to identify Inactive status based on whether the team has worked on it, and a more accurate representation would also include whether the deal has been moved from Stage X to Stage Y.

Would love to see this feature be part of HubSpot!


Yes please to marking deals as active if the deal stage changes. 


Yes please mark the deals as active if a meeting is scheduled, a task is scheduled, or the deal stage changes. These deals aren't really inactive if you have a meeting scheduled, you moved the deal stage or you have a task to follow up with them. Can a Hubspot staff member reply if this is a new feature they are planning for? I have seen this request several times in the past year or so. 


This feature is urgently needed.  We may know of deals due in 6 months time and they enter the pipeline with tasks set to contact the customer closer to the relevant date, however these are all showing as "inactive" when in fact, tasks are scheduled for future dates.




Any new regaridng this feautre? If a deal has a scheduled meeting or even a planned task, it should appear white.


Do you plan to implement this? When?