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Inactive Deal Cards: setting number of days by deal stage

The ability to visually identify distressed deals that require action is great, especially as it removes the need for end-users to run reports to otherwise identify which deals to work.


The issue is that you can only set one amount of days with action for the entire pipeline. My first deal stage is should be addressed within 2 days, however once contract has been sent 7 days is what we've decided is appropriate before following up. It would be very useful to set a different amount of days per deal stage before the cards change colour due to inactivity. As a result, I've just split the baby and set all to 4 days which does not work well for either stage, but is better than nothing.


As a work around, I've set up automatic tasks each time a deal enters a specific deal stage, but this solution is less than optimal because I cannot configure the task to self-mark as complete when the deal is progressed to the next stage (or at least I can't with Starter version). The resulting interminable list of task means that staff quickly learn to ignore the tasks list haha.

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+1 for this idea. I love how Pipedrive has this feature where you can individually customize inactive timelines based on the stage vs the entire pipeline. It was a big change for us moving to HubSpot. I also like the idea of having color indicators vs just graying out the card. Make the inactive cards a more noticible color or maybe give us some options to choose from.