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In Team Meeting <Round Robin>, allow availability filtering by team member

The Round Robin Team Meeting feature almost meets my need.  It would be nice when the link is opened and the calendar displayed to show a list of the Team Members whose calendars are being checked for availability and then select 1) Check availability for all Team Members, or 2) Check availability for Select Team member. A specific team member could then be selected and the calendar would redraw showing ONLY his / her availability.


This would allow for a return client to see either all times available to them for all team members or the time available for a select (preferred) team member, and then proceed to book their meeting.

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Participant | Gold Partner

Yes please this is so important and is quite standard in other online calendar apps.


It's especially important to have prospect choose who they want to have a meeting with as it can increase sales conversion rates.


Please add this feature @hubspot!

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100% Agree! Please implement!! 

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Agree! This feature is a MUST. 

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Totally agree with this. Other calendar tools do this, it 100% needs to be in Hubspot too.

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100%! We need this basic functionality urgently.

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Yes! Please add this feature! 

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Yes, we need this functionality!!