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I've been trying to use Hubspot pop-up forms on our website and found it very unfriendly as they're not too changable: 

1. the CTA button cannot be linked anywhere (a landing page for instance)

2. Cannot get rid of the default email field collection (what if I don't want to collect any info from the user but just put a link to a registration landing page?)

3. Cannot apply an exhaustive set of rules based on time for instance (I want this pop up to pop at certain hours, and a different one to pop up at different hours of the day / geography based etc.) 

4. No A/B testing capability


I believe this really should be much more flexible and user friendly than it is

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I completely agree with all of these points. I can't stress enough how useful it would be to have pop-ups that simply link out to another page rather than collecting an email and other info. Huge missed opportunity there.

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Was thinking of exactly this idea and then came across the fact you'd already sent it in Smiley Happy... we have a large portfolio of products - some of which have software attached to them (and therefore potential for software updates to be notified) ...

Our user case would be to place the pop up on specific product pages (for a period of time) .... alerting the user that there is a new download available for software v1.x .....  the ability to just link to a landing page (the general S/ware download page) would be great - as at the moment it is purely for 'forms' use ... 

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I came across this frustration a few months back as well when we wanted to promote a webinar but did not want gather information on the form/CTA. I did find a few free modules in the marketplace such as this one that helped to alleviate a few of the problems.  You can link out another page, you don't have to capture any lead info on the CTA, and you can (somewhat) apply what time you would like for it to pop-up. 


- Svet

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I agree with you- Hubspot's popups are pretty pathetic. There is so much basic functionality that is lacking. We simply gave up and went to Unbounce for our popups. A/B testing, location-specific targeting, scheduling etc is all in there... and you can make the pop ups look really nice too. 

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I need this, too.