Improvements to tasks tool

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It would be extremely beneficial for sales productivity and ease of use if these features and functionalities are a part of HubSpot platform:

  • Within Filtered Views: There's currently no ability to see the associated tasks against the contact/company record and you are also unable to search by task.
  • Within the Tasks Tool: You are unable to add columns like you can in other filtered views, such as contact or company filters.
  • Within the Activity Property: The next activity date is showing you future tasks, but you can't see overdue tasks.

As mentioned it would increase productivity but also ease of use as it would be a lot easier to search and navigate through HubSpot platform.


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Also need to be able to see tasks by Team (or have a checkbox option by each name) in the Task Page, not just each individual. As a sales manager, I need to see all overdue tasks for my team and doing it one by one is inefficient and monotonous.

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It wil be helpful to be able to customize properties in tasks as we do it for contacts/ companies.