Improvements to formatting in Knowledge Base- headings


Whenever I create an article in the Knowledge Base, I consistently have difficulty using the editor to create headings within my article. When I highlight the text I would like to turn into a heading, surrounding text converts into a heading to. Sometimes I can workaround this by creating huge spaces around the text I would like to convert into a heading and deleting the space between (using shift + delete) but I would say that even that is inconsistent and I end up spending almost as much time on formatting my article as I do writing it from scratch. A core part of my job is serving as the knowledge base writer/administrator for my company so I spend up to 50% of my week writing knowledge base articles. 

In the below screenshot, the text I tried to convert to a header was Cycle Setup-- the text immediately below it also was converted into a heading (which didn't surprise me) as was all of the following text in the article. Heading knowledge base.png