Improvements to Service Hub/Ticketing

Having just started using service hub have a few things we would love to see that would make our lives easier!


1) Ability to actually be away and reassign messages - as in if a client you have emailed replies, and you have reassign switched on, it gets put into the main team inbox. Or failing this the ability to put an out of office on, so at least that client knows when you will be back to deal with their reply.


2) The ability to easily flick between team members inboxes on the service hub


3) Ability to filter by longest waiting in conversations


4) When you assign a message to yourself, have 'you' pop up first, rather than having to search for yourself manually.


5) Have the ability to change what you see under 'tickets' down the right hand side of a conversation, before you hit 'preview' we would like to have ticket status and catagory in there as a short cut. 


6) When you click on a ticket, the ability to easily get back to the conversation. Or when you are replying to the email within the ticket, the ability to write a private note on the reply still. 


7) When you assign a ticket to yourself, it assigns all open conversations associated with that ticket to you in the service hub. 


8) Ability to have longer snippets


9) Ability to add snippets to a template or a template to snippets, without removing what you've already got written.


That's it for now, but we'll probably add more soon!