Improvement to HubSpot Community: Product Selection

I've been actively using this new community platform for the past few weeks & it's great!


When people use it to ask a question or request help, I've noticed that we often don't know what products are they using.  For example, someone may just be using the CRM, while someone else may have the paid version of the Marketing tool, and often, the best solution depends on what tools they have at their disposal.


Is there any way we could add a drop down for which products people use or ask that they mention it when requesting help?





Kyle from IMPACT

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Community Manager
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Hey @kbento - than you for the feedback, this is very useful as we are currently reviewing the information architecture / interface of the Community. @product mentions are also something we are considering. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any further feedback/concerns, I'm all ears! Thanks