Improved sorting options for tickets


When looking at tickets in board view it's only possible to sort based on one property, I would like to be able to sort on multiple properties. Tickets in each stage should be possible to sort based on for example priority first and created date second (or any other properties).


Along with filters this would allow for a clear and complete overview of which tickets should be handled by whom and in what order. Work instuctions could then be as simple as working from left to right (stages) and top to bottom, rather than jumping between filters.



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This would be very useful for my team as well!

We have so many tickets that at some point, it's easy to forget to reply to a contact whose ticket is a month old, as it ends up at the bottom of any stage, even if it's a high priority.

Filters can help, sure, but they are not enough when you deal with a lot of tickets at the same time.


Ability to sort tickets from oldest to newest!