Improved search abilities in Conversations; search the entire term as a whole

Currently, it appears when searching in Conversations, the results will show accordingly when the search term is a single word. However, when the search term is two or more words, we see the results from searching each individual word in the term.


For example, if the search term was 'migration request', we see results for the word 'migration' and we see results for the word 'request', which broadens the results.


I suggest the results narrow and only show results for the entire searched term, which is 'migration request'. If there were no conversations that contained the entire searched term of 'migration request' I would expect zero results.


Thanks for your consideration!

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Good idea! 

Right now, my Customer Support Team struggles while trying to find a conversation through an expression. 

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It would also be very useful to be able to search by contact's name or email address (and not only by conversation's content)!