Improved inline task tools like Notion and Clickup


The tasks with kanban boards and customer linking are good but would be mind blowing phenominal if they included the inline capabilities that programs like Notion and Clickup have.  You can alter fonts and basic text manipulation but the other programs have things that improve tasks to a great degree.  Things like subtasks, checkboxes and several other tools that exists withing each task.   Attached is an example from Clickup and Notion.   Notion is especially great at this.  Each task (moveable kanban card) can contain a full range of tools like lists, sub-tasks, toggle lists that can be hidden to save room, inline tables, code etc.  I know that gets a bit extreme but I think at least sub-tasks would be extremely helpful!


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I came here specifically to request that subtasks be made available via a checklist within a larger Task, but this is a great Idea.


When our deals move from the Sales Team to Customer Success for implementation and Setup, I'd lik to create a task - via workflow - with a checklist that varies depending on the type of customer it is.


Ideally, reporting would be available on this and filtering according to subtasks within the Tasks tool. Rather than having it as simply a "To Do" type task, it would be great if we could have custom task types, in this example, say "Setup".

From another thread someone mentioned not having the Due Date as obligatory, this would be nice too.