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Improved event management

It would be really helpful to have an additional object type by default in HubSpot that would vastly improve working with event management. 

Currently there is something called marketing events, however with those it is possible to register users, but it is lacking the "classic" object features, like associating it with other objects, like companies, deals, etc.


A custom object on the other hand doesn't allow to register users.


A great way around this would be an object that provides the best of both worlds, for example the process could look like this:


a contact fills out a form and by doing so registers for our event-object.

This automatically associates the contact with our event-object.

now we want this event-object to be our center and associate all the data we would like to this object, while still retaining the marketing events-feature to register for this event.

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I have just had a client actually move away from HubSpot and onto another platform because of this lacking feature. Their business is heavily based on event management and it just couldn't be achieved in HubSpot.


So I agree - much needed feature.


So frustrating - any work arounds been built? The apps in the marketplace are so expensive. I just want people who sign a form to be marked as attending the event and the ability to go and cancel them later for a start.