Improved customisation of emailed/exportable dashboards


We've just implemented HubSpot as a CRM for one of our clients, who needs to be able to send a version of their dashboard to their investors.

After working together to set up a series of reporting dashboards, they've found getting the various reports they need to deliver very fiddly and limited in all formats - from in-email to emailable PDF - and finally had to settle for printing the screen as a PDF and sending it on manually!

It gets particularly tricky with table-style summarized/unsummarized reports, that can span over multiple pages on an individual report.

Reports can get split across pages, and the output is quite basic.

More customization on how the emailed PDF is populated with the reports is needed, how the individual reports look in the PDF, and the ability to send them to internal/external stakeholders that don't have HubSpot access.

I'm sure they're not the only organisation that could benefit from such an improvement, as the need to deliver quality reports is a key requirement for most teams.

PS. It would be nice for them to be able to add their logo to the dashboard and PDFs too!

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Agree - report builder tool is great - except that it locks you into Hubspot being the mode to consume the data and that's not how businesses run. I am quite surprised that you aren't able to export the output of the reports into another format (i.e. closed-won reports by month exports every single deal with closed date stamp - this isn't the report...)

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Totally agree - makes sharing externally almost impossible but is a huge likelihood for most busineses - the need to share with stakeholders, external to HS platform acccess.