Improved Search Functionality for Sales Content Analysis

When examining the performance of sales templates within the Sales Content Analysis tools (Reports> Analytics Tools> Sales Content Analysis), it can be difficult to efficiently track down relevant templates, especially for portals that have multiple Sales Pro users and a multitude of templates being used. 


For managers and sales folks to gauge how a specific template is performing, they may have to click through 10 or 12 pages of templates just to find the right one. 


Adding in a search function to allow users to lookup specific templates by name would make it much easier to quickly identify how templates are performing, which could then be a great step toward sales enablement and optimization for HubSpot users. 

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

This would definitely be a useful function, especially because the search function is available in other parts of the Sales Content Analytics tool, like for Sequences. There is potential for quite a few templates to be present and currently, there isn't a function to sort by name either so it is really just searching through the pages to pinpoint the exact template.