Improve visibility to the visitor that a chat response is waiting

If a visitor to the site asks a question and has minimized the chat window while waiting for a reply, It's not readily obvious that a random audible ding notification or the discrete number badge on the chat bubble would grab their attention that they have a reply waiting. 


A few potentially simple enhancements to this notification would be:
• If they have minimized the chat bubble ... then just display my reply in a popout like the initial greeting does (See below).
• If they haven't noticed the number badge that there's a reply then maybe gently pulsate, glow, bounce, or grow/shrink the chat bubble to draw the visitors attention to it.



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This is a really good idea! Perhaps this can be restricted to desktop only though as some people might not appreciate a whole screen takeover for every response on a smartphone.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Delivered

We have had an unread indicator on the widget itself if collapsed for a while now, but we've also just introduced a flashing browser tab "New message" alert to go along with the sound if someone has their speakers muted!