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Improve the Hubspot-Airtable integration

There are a lot of fields that are currently non-syncable from either direction. For instance, dropdowns, lookup fields and linked fields cannot be synced from Airtable to Husbpot but many times these are critical fields, so I have to do a workaround through Airtable automations and convert these fields to text so that they can sync. However If I want to change this data from Husbpot it won't update back in Airtable.


Also, I have to create a lot of automations, which gets messy fast.

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Afraid I can't help you but your issue has helped me decide that Airtable integration clearly not suitable and not up to scratch. I had been hoping to sync Company and Ticket data from Hubspot with our invoicing data from another application in order to calculate Active Clients, MRR, Upselling, Downselling etc.

However I see that sync is done via the email field for Companies which is pretty limiting. While it seems that Tickets could be created in Airtable via workflow, they couldn't be kept in Sync, as the Sync integration is only for Contacts and Companies. As such, unfortunately it looks like we will need to continue with exports to Google Sheets, vlookups, Google Query etc.