Improve sales reporting and export of reports

I have a very wide berth as marketing manager of my company to use HubSpot and help the sales and marketing teams to get the most out of HubSpot.


The only thing my management colleagues want in return is reporting they can trust. I am having a hard time delivering on that. Here's why:


My colleagues can't really use dashboards for anything other than a snapshot of the current situation. For real reporting and forecasting, data needs to be exported and used elsewhere.


Idea part 1:

Role: Sales- and Product Management

Goal: To be able to accurately forecast sales by deal owner (sales rep.) and by product.

Value: Enabling HubSpot as a forecasting tool - somthing which is actually core functionality in most other CRM-systems

Examples: Most other CRM-systems have this. SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM to name just a couple


To enable true sales forecasting, data from HubSpot need to be fed to Sales- and Product management. The bare minimum of necessary data is as follows:

  • Deal name
  • Deal owner
  • Close date
  • Products by deal with amounts per product

This could easily be achieved in a summarized table with the following columns:

Deal name - Deal owner - Close Date - Product A amount - Product B Amount - Etc.

And then a row for each deal.


This is however not possible due to a constraint in HubSpot, disallowing reports with more than two data sets measured by a third. 


Proposed Solution: That constraint needs to be lifted. 


Idea part 2:

Role: Sales- and Product Management

Goal: Use forecast data in other contexts than inside HubSpot.

Value: Enabling Sales and Product Managers to better report to C-level and/or board

Examples: Almost any other CRM-system


Most  Sales Managers have excel as part of their toolbox, and advanced excel use as part of their skill set. Therefore if the right data can be exported in the right format, it is not a problem for the people needing said data to work with it in Excel or a BI-tool.


However when exporting data from a report i HubSpot, the data exported are just all data that act as the foundation for the report, with no regards to how the report is visualized. In the above example, it is not hard to seperate amounts for each product in separate columns. However when exporting the report, all product amounts are jammed together into one column.


Proposed solution: The ability to export a report exactly as it is visualized. This should be easily achiveved, at least as far as the "Summarized Table" visualization goes.



Morten Olsson

Marketing Manager

Netic A/S


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I agree. Please consider changing this. 


Yes this is must have functionality

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Yes it is so important to be able to make the list with the forecast amount included.


Having to manually put in the data is a waste of time.

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I'm quite surprised to find that this basic functionality is not included.  What good is it to be able to export a report if you're not exporting the actual report?

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Dear HubSpot,


It's been more than a year since I posted this. I have in the mean time had meetings with four of your employees (including two from your product management division) who all agreed that this was much needed functionality.


But I see very little in the way of changes.


And it is even quite simple: Please include native forecasting in HubSpot. All sales departments need this.


Best regards,

Morten Olsson

Head of Marketing

Netic A/S



For our organization's purposes as well, it is important to be able to export all data from the dashboard into our CSV report. Even oncethe data is exported, it does not generate the information in the same easyflowing way it appears on the dashboard. I need to know how many times a company was referred out to, and this is a piece of data that gets lost in upon export.