Improve overall functionality of the iOS mobile app


Our fields reps have been reporting numerous obstacles and limited functionality when using the iOS mobile app. Examples include:

  • Limited Search Capabilities: Unable to search for contacts based on their "Company Name" property. In general, search capabilities are one of the most important features of any site or app. Not being able to search for contacts through the Company Name property and other properties prevents reps from bringing up contacts quickly in the field to make notes, log activity, etc.
  • Unessential Contact Properties When Creating a New Contact: The default contact properties that are displayed when creating a new contact are irrelevant and incomprehensive. Current default properties include Website URL and Twitter Username (which most reps won't know when creating contacts while in the field) and don't include more useful/relevant account info like Company Name or Job Title.
  • Non-customizable Contact Properties: In the desktop version you can customize which default contact properties you want to appear for all contacts, but not in the app. Being able to customize which contact properties you see for a contact would help reps manage their accounts more easily when in the field.
  • Inconsistent Display of Email Signatures: I was told that HubSpot had to remove the email signature functionality in the last upgrade due to some issues and that it would be re-added during the next upgrade. Make it easier to add an email signature and ensure it is consistently displayed so that user can appear professional when emailing customers through the app.

The mobile app has limited functionality and is clunky to use by field reps who need to access and log information quickly and easily while in the field. The app is almost unusable to our field reps due to the time is takes to bring up and log activity, and that the info displayed is irrelevant to their needs. Overall, the app needs efficiency improvements to its functionality to accommodate a mobile, on-the-go environment.

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I would tend to agree with you both in regards to the iOS app as well as the Android app(I know the android app is still in beta) however, both are have very limited functionality. One other feature that would be nice as a field rep is a dashboard that shows the value of your pipeline and other attributes. 




Also having the ability to record call metrics from early pipeline development is important .. I would argue that 10% of all calls made do not know who the contact person would be and so without having to create a dummy contact record there is no way to call a company and get those calls recorded on KPI's.


My team is having to log manual call logs for cold calls and then creating a contact record after initial conversation


Our sales team in the field needs the customized properties view when creating a new contact or company that we have existing on the browser version.  They're being forced to log into multiple platforms (jumping into browser view on their phone, which isn't terribly user friendly) and interrupting what should be a simple work flow.  I'll be sending this idea to as many folks as I can to get it upvoted.  The biggest benefit of the app are these types of simplifcations, so I hope this one gets prioritized.




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Moving deal from one stage to another in mobile app: user wasn't prompted to update properties that are set in the deal stage settings
When moving a deal from one stage to another on the mobile app, the user is not prompted to fill in any fields (mandatory or not)

There is a popup requiring users to key in the required properties set in the deal stage when moving the deal from one stage to another on the desktop. It should be consistent with the mobile app as well so as to keep data neat and consistent. 


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Allow the access to the sent email via notification in the activity feed in app : It is currently only available when user use laptop. It would be great if users could access to the sent email via notification via activity feed in app. 


Is there an update on the status to improve the overall mobile app so that it can be used more easily in the field by reps?


I second all these issues. iOS app is very frustrating to use.


It would make a lot of sense for our platform on our desktop to match what we use on the mobile app. It makes things more confusing when the app is asking different things (say for instance, when making a deal - we've customized our properties on our desktop version to tailor to our industry which is amazing, but it doesn't provide these same offerings on the app, which causes a huge issue to general use and reporting) between mobile and desktop, especially because many of our employees only use the app. We would love for this to be updated.

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Adding to this thread as well on behalf of a customer! Found that the default contact properties didn't carry over to the mobile from settings, though they appear on the desktop view of a contact card.


Also, would be great if the business card scanner can pick up on more fields as well 🙂


I agree, users on our Sales team who use the iOS app have a lot of problems - the main ones being that when they search contacts, all they see are the contact names (not company or owner), so it is very hard to tell whose contact is whose unless they open up each contact to see the owner. We also have a problem where the properties you see on the desktop version arent the same as what you see on a desktop version - same problem as someone commented before me!

The Android app in comparison is much easier and user friendly, everything the iOS users want.

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The display of properties in  About section of the mobile app Contact Record does not follow what is the default display in the browser app. This makes working with the record and particularly adding a new record on the go with the mobile app very difficult for sales reps. It actually discourages the sales reps from using HubSpot in the field. Thanks for considering this change.


Particularly with everyone now working remote, some added mobile app functionality would be great. I find myself pulling up the desktop site on my phone pretty often.


Field: Sales - deals 

Section: left side bar


It would be great to have the opportunitity to link the left side bar (web version) to the mobile app version. At the moment, all the updates that i have done on the web version, don't appear on the app version and it's a bit annoying 🙂 





Would love to see more uniformity across web and mobile versions: I have 6 custom saved sections that work BEAUTIFULLY for my team on the desktop/web version.  But the Mobile app only gives me "data category" sections, in no particular order: Deal revenue, Deal Activity, Deal Information, and Analytics History.  


No one in the field ever needs to look at "Analytics History," nor the many blank "Deal Activity" properties that don't have anything to do with their needs.  


Additionally, the properties appear in an order I can only describe as random.  

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You are also not able to pin anything to the top of a record. Like a note. Mobile app definately needs work for those sales people that are on the road and depend on the information contained in HubSpot!


Would love to have the ability to have the same required properties displayed across all devices when creating a contact! It creates confusion when users can create contacts in the app without an email address, when that is a required field on desktop.