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Improve copy property value in workflows across record types

As it stands now, the "Copy property value" workflow action leave's a lot to be desired, since it can only copy from properies of the workflow type. Ideally, we should also be able to have workflows that trigger off one record type to copy property values from an associated record type TO the enrolled record.

As an example, I need to be able to have a workflow triggered by a deal being in a specific pipeline and a property on the primary associated company being known (in this case "Partner BDR").  If these conditions are met, I want to copy that property value from the associated company to the deal (in this case, setting the deal owner based on that company's Partner BDR).

We've come across this issue a few times, which leaves us dead in our tracks when it comes to automating, because the record type we need to have trigger the automation is rarely the record type we need to copy from, more often the other way around. The ability to use these automations more effectively will reduce user error on manual entry, reduce time users spend having to cross-reference other lists, and allow users and managers alike to more efficiently and reliably keep data in line.