Improve competitive intelligence functionality

Currently, HubSpot offers a very limited competitor report. This was more useful when HubSpot was focused only on inbound marketing. Now that HubSpot offers so much more, it would be great to have functionality that provides better insights into competitors. Some things that would be awesome:


  • SEO intelligence (as exists currently)
  • Advertising intelligence (such as into competitive paid search and display investment and performance)
  • Website intelligence (such as updates when a competitor updates their website, and what the update entailed)
  • Social intelligence (such as regarding their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. performance)
  • SWOT analysis for each competitor (which we can provide within the Sales tool for our sales team to use as they're speaking with customers)
  • News and updates on competitor activity

There are some products out there that do this, but I would rather have it all within HubSpot. I think the most logical approach would be:


  • Allow us to track competitors by selecting "Competitor" as the type for a company, as you currently do
  • When we do so, augment the information from HubSpot Insights with what I outlined above
  • Also provide a single report where we can see how we compare to competitors on all of the elements above, as well as see a chronological feed related to competitor activity (website updates, social media posts, news items, etc.)

I would be happy to provide more formal input to HubSpot if you're planning to build something like this!