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Improve UI Experience on Tablets (ie Quotes Editor)

Hi team! This is Sam, a Team Lead working for the HubSpot Support department. I understand that our product team is aware of differences and limitations in our UI on devices other than computers, such as tablets and mobile devices, and is always working on improving this experience. I still wanted to add an Ideas Forum post on the topic, as I didn't find one. One customer has shared with us that he is unable to see the "Next" and "Save" buttons in the Quotes editor in a tablet's UI, and has to zoom out in order to see them. This is not ideal and I wanted to create a post specifically about this topic so that others may comment and upvote to continue to remind the product team of this. Thank you!


Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Really, the best option here would be to make a native tablet app and not try and use the mobile app on the powerful tablets of today.  One thing that's very frustrating is not being able to edit quotes through the app.  It seems that it should be a basic functionality but it's not.

The having to zoom in and out to try and get the "save" and "next" buttons to work in a tablet browser is really starting to drive me a little batty.