Improve Renewal/Upgrade/Downgrade/Churn documentation and functionality


I have been building a HubSpot native solution for our renewal process. This consists of custom properties and workflows. 

First of all, the documentation from HubSpot is under par. It was really hard to figure out how it actually works and how it impacts the Revenue Analytics tool (new/existing/lost recurring revenue). I suggest this part of the documentation needs to be strongly improved.

Secondly, it would be really useful to be able link Deals. For example, create a link from the original Deal (New Business), to the Renewal Deal and so forth. This is currently not possible.

Thirdly, it would also be very useful to allow for date property calculation. When a Deal renews, calculate the next renewal Date (for example, Close Date + Term). I don't want to use 3rd-party tooling for this.

Lastly, it would be great if a vanilla implementation (or have out of the box support for renewals) will be made available. I have created several custom properties and workflows which took me a substantial amount of time, as we have complex contracts with our customers (for example auto renewals, auto renewals with a cap, manual renewals).

As we move more and more to SaaS business, I'm pretty sure there a several other HubSpot users with the same challenges.

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We also struggle with the actual use of Revenue Analytics.


It only works completely if you have only one Deal at the same time. If you have multiple, which merge later on to an update, it gets complicated. Not at all working is it if they merge to a downgrade.

Also we sell Licenses. This means that the close date from a deal does not show our actual revenue date. Custom filters to view the starting point from the revenue analytics from another property is the only option, we would have to use this tool sufficiently. But this feature is not implemented yet.


I also have to agree with the above idea that the documentary is a little bit poor. Yes, I know how to set the Deals and how to set them in which state. But how it impacts what and in which way, was another thing. Also to understand that you can only do one deal for one company at a time. What if one deal is a complete upgrade? And needs to be added completely to the current monthly amount?. Do I have to add from that point in time the total number, or will the tool understand, that it needs to be added if I just add another "new Business" Deal ... this kind of documentation, on how to use the Revenue Analytics Tool in a right way, so that it works without trouble is sadly missing. 


We do have everything working wrt Revenue Analytics but the effort was high.
What we do not have is the need to merge multiple deals. It does work for a Company with multiple open deals, for example 1 upgrade deal and 1 new deal (cross-sell). 

I can send you our user documentation if you send me a personal message on this forum to give you more insights. Maybe that addresses some of your questions.