Imports cannot process new and updated records in the same file


It is not possible to make an import which makes new records and updates existing records at the same time; it would be much better if both types can be present in the same import file. When importing you have to either select the checkbox to update existing records using object IDs, or otherwise, you can only create new objects, and cannot update existing objects. This is annoyting when you have a file which contains some existing records combined with some new records.


Right now you get this error:



'' is not a valid PRODUCT ID (details: Invalid object ID)


It would be better, when a blank object ID is input, if it would just create the object, instead of erroring out, and if a non-blank object ID is input, if it would just update the object. This would be a lot simpler and less annoying for users.

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HubSpot Employee

Commenting on behalf of a customer. This is a great use case and would be great if that functionality existed. 


We have the exact same issue when importing deals. This creates double work and make the whole process more human-error prone when the original file already has all information. 


Using the API having this same issue. It would be nice to be able to include the object ID and/or the alternative ID (e.g. domain for Companies) in the same file and be able to create, or update on either or as long as one exists.