Importing multiple email addresses for single contact


I am importing a CSV file with contacts that have multiple email addresses. Hubspot supports multiple email addresses in the "Email" field, which is wonderful, but the data cannot be imported this way.  To import, I had to create multiple email properties (primary email, alternate email, etc). I can manually add the multiple emails in the single "Email" property but I have a large number of contacts. Any automated way to do this?


Would recommend an enhancement to offer the ability to either import contacts in a way to add multiple email addresses  to the "Email" property. Or, offer a way, after the import, to copy the data from another property (e.g. "Alternate Email") to the "Email" property without overriding the current email (i.e. adding a second or third email).

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@CamilleCocaud No. It's sort of wierd how Hubspot's software does it. It will randomly assign all the emails as primary or secondary or 3rd... COMPLETELY random. It's so weird. But then you import the list again with just the primary. So essentially it looks like this:


1. Import contact list with primary emails addresses first. (you may have already done this, so maybe you can skip it)

2. Export contacts (to get the Hubspot ID)

3. Import the contacts with Hubspot ID next to email address make sure you use duplicate Hubspot IDs when the contact is the same and match based on Hubspot ID for the record.

4. Import the original list a final time to tell hubspot which email addresses are primary.


It took me quite a bit of trial error to finally figure this out.



@CamilleCocaud More clarification for step 3:


Hubspot ID | Email

123456 |

123456 |

123456 |


... that would be an example of what 3 duplicate records would look like with different email addresses on each line. When you import it check the [ ] that say that you are importing based on Hubspot ID


You can do this with a giant list if you want.


@shatton thanks a lot for explaining. Quite frankly it seems like a very convoluted way to do something that should be simple. I think I'll stick to my "email #2" property for now. Maybe if someday I have more time on my hands (if ever). 


Thanks a lot anyway! Hubspot you should make this feature, it shouldn't be this complicated to do such a simple thing. 




Please build this feature. Surely having working import tools is basic functionality for a CRM.

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@shatton  I tried your steps but it didn't seem to work. Does this still work? 


This is a major problem for me. The ability to import multiple email addresses for a single contact is crucial and basic. Exporting from google contacts into HubSpot just became a week-long project.


Very disappointing, that this was not deemed relevant!


Would be so useful 🙌
It could be like when importing multiple options properties, with ";".