Importing multiple email addresses for single contact

I am importing a CSV file with contacts that have multiple email addresses. Hubspot supports multiple email addresses in the "Email" field, which is wonderful, but the data cannot be imported this way.  To import, I had to create multiple email properties (primary email, alternate email, etc). I can manually add the multiple emails in the single "Email" property but I have a large number of contacts. Any automated way to do this?


Would recommend an enhancement to offer the ability to either import contacts in a way to add multiple email addresses  to the "Email" property. Or, offer a way, after the import, to copy the data from another property (e.g. "Alternate Email") to the "Email" property without overriding the current email (i.e. adding a second or third email).

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Hi, @cpappas_auxin!

In contrance to the manual migration, you can try using service Data2CRM. The tool will import your CSV file with contacts that have multiple email addresses in a fully automated way, providing an ability to map the necessary fields. The service offers a free Demo for you to check the tool. 

Hope my answer will be helpful! 


If we could list multiple emails in a single cell of a CSV, that would work well. 

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I agree - if there was a way to import two different email addresses into the one contact and choose which one you use when sending bulk emails, that would be so helpful!

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I need this too

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I had tremendous help from a utility called Migrate My CRM written by the Trujay group. Affordable and great support.

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Gotta have this.

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The ability to import and export this data would be invaluable to us. Our type of audience commonly use username and domain variations even though its the same mailbox. Thousands of contacts do this leading to multiple emails to their mailbox, skewing response data massively and also getting spammy. Or also common, they opt out of a subscription and still get it via the alternate.


One of these two ways would be ideal

  1. Import emails in the one cell of a CSV separated by a ; delimiter with the first email being primary
  2. Import a CSV with the normal single email field (which would be the primary) but an additional field with alt emails separated by the ; delimiter (this version would be better for pushing the data to other platforms)

...And exporting back into the same format.


Please also add (and others upvote) search by alternate address



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I am quite surprised Hubspot doesn't already have this functionality built into their CRM. I recently had to spend hours combining emails into contacts manually! HubSpot - please consider adding bulk import functionality for contacts with multiple emaill addresses as per timosborne's suggested approach!




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timosborne idea is great. You should be able to import the contacts with multiple emails assigned to them by separating them with

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We need this!

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Please. Let me import multiple email addresses. Just like I can import multiple checkboxed items with ; ... I would like to be able to import multiple email addressses with the first being the primary followed by the secondary, etc.


I think this is quite doable if you require that this sort of importing must use HS contact ID record checked.

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Yes, this would be great. Since the migration function it is already possible to have automatically a primary and a secondary e-mail address for a single contact. This would be very useful for imports as well.

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I desperately need this please!

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Yes, we need this! Being able to import contacts with multiple emails assigned to them is a MUST!

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We need this too! Please!

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I completely agree with you! We need to have this functionality!

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Please Hubspot, we need this functionality desparately!!


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This would be very useful, usually, there are contacts with more than one contact email and it would be amazing to import these directly from the CSV file. 


This is important, it should be native to the contacts and company screens. The workaround I have been told is to create new fields for additional emails. Ok, can do. But we should not have to do this and then adjust our dashboards and screens to display this information, it should be part of the basic system.