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Importing by Hubspot Unique ID

For the maintenance of the Hubspot CRM; I would love to have the ability to make mass updates to a csv and load back into the CRM. This process is isolated to my cold leads that have not been entered with an email address. I mus manually update each of these making the process inefficient and not scalable. 


Each URL for a contact contains an ID that would be useful to be able to download then use to stop duplication to existing records when no email is present. The ID is a constant variable where an email may or may not be present based on our sales cycle. 

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I would love to see this applied to Contacts, Companies and Deals. On the Contact side this would help support unique records for a contact with multiple emails (ex, personal, Company A, Company B, etc...). On the Company side many companies in a CRM are actually divisions or branch offices of a parent company and therefore share the same URL. Bulk Company imports only support one company per URL. This would also enable better integration with 3rd party programs, such as accounting software.

Very needed functionality! 
It would also be great if the deduplication feature was improved. So when i'm importing contacts which I have not before exported form Hubspot (and which therefore don't have a Hubspot ID), I would like to be able to chose which properties to include in the deduplication logic. So for example: find duplicates based on Company name, contact name, domain, city, country, street address etc. And then in the next step, I would like to be able to see each potential duplicate and be able to chose whether to merge it or wheter to keep it as 2 separate records.


I recently exported a list of Companies in our account in order to depulicate the thousands of duplicates created when I imported my contacts. I noticed the export includes a Company ID field with a unique ID number. Has that always been there?


When re-importing the cleaned up list back in, alas there is still no way to map to that field and import according to the ID. I have oodles of Company records representing divisions of the same company and thus share a URL. It will take me hours to identify which records don't import and then import them manually.


That's hours I'm NOT actively creating and publishing content to drive my Inbound Marketing (that's a hint HubSpot — Please implement this feature. Please!!! Thank you.)


Yes - Please add!





If the ID fields are there, why can't you map them when you reimport the data. Not very clever and very frustrating


I agree with davidrevis: "If the ID fields are there, why can't you map them when you reimport the data. Not very clever and very frustrating"

For some companies is critical the fact of having a unique identifier for their contacts, companies and deals, as any serious database should have. 

Please add this functionality because it is a deal breaker for many.



This is very much needed. I would love to be able to import data by using a unique ID. Like many others on this thread, my company works with companies that have several different business units, so we need to be able to distinguish them from one another, even though they share the same domain. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, this feature is currently live in all portals. You will find the ID selector available on the "upload files" page. Please see this product blog for details.