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[Important] Add the Ability to Reset Field Values in Page Editor and Module Previewer

Who Does It Benefit

Marketers and Developers


Value To Be Gained

To restore a value to its default, providing you don't know what the default was, the marketer must remove the module and re-add it to the page. This would help make it easier to safeguard them from accidentally breaking something.



In global theme settings, HubSpot allows you to easily reset individual settings, as well as reset all of the fields at once--- this is perfect! On the module previewer, you can reset all of the fields at once only. On the page editor, you can't reset individual fields or all fields at once--- you have to manually remove and re-add the module to do so. I feel like there is great value in being able to reset a module, particularly individual fields, as I feel like this is something I often want to do. Especially with the way I am currently using fields and inheriting global theme setting values into field defaults, this would be tremendous to have, and you already have the system established in global theme settings. Make it happen, please HubSpot!




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I'm not sure if this was already in place or not, but this feature is now available on style fields, which was pretty much the point of the suggestion; so thank you HubSpot, sorry if I didn't realize this was already a thing. 😅 Although, I still think it would be nice to be able to reset / see changes on the content tab fields as well.