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Import / export activities (engagements)

We want to have a import/export function for the actions (engements in hubspot internally).

The reason for this is:
For example when we send a sales letter to 100 companies I do not want to registrate the action manualy for each company/contact.

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This is a very important feature that I would expect Hubspot to have. Otherwise, what are the point of making notes, logging calls, and meetings if you can not export them? I vote for this feature to be added. The subscription is very expensive and it is not a complex thing to be added.

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Posting on behalf of a customer, it is important for users to be able to export engagements and not just imports as well so they can see at one glance what's happening, say for each ticket


 I claim for this supportive tool. I need to export the activity from how opened emails or tasks even how many workflows got in any of my contacts data. 


Please. This asking come from since 2017. We're already 2022.


Pay us attention. 🙏


This need to export full detail of all activity taking place within a Company record has been needed for two years (according to the dates on this page) -- and still nothing, only high-level information is available.  Hard for me to understand, Hubspot evangelizes that it's a Customer-Centric company, so how is it possible to use that term and then tell a customer nope sorry you can not print, or can we allow you to export the data details which you can clearly read on the screen.  You are really saying, Mr. Customer go pound sand we will not allow you to export the data or to print it, and did I mention that was final?-- What I really am hearing is -- this is your way of saying in a very nice way --- "Mr. Customer go XXXX yourself."


Unbelievable -- since when do customer-centric companies force customers to only subscribe to your thought process?  Maybe your customer (Hubspot) is a law firm... maybe they need to present the data to a Jury...maybe it's not so convenient to ask the Judge if you can bring in a laptop and project it on a screen from a live Web feed for the Jury....maybe you don't want to give out your username and password to every Juror so that during their deliberations they can review the DETAILS via live web connection to Hubspot...maybe the US Court Systems don't allow Jurors to log on the WWW for good reason, mmmm just maybe there is a bonified NEED to have this available to DATA OWNERS.  Let's face it today in 2022 almost every common technology company (Google, Linkedin, Microsoft, and others) allow users to download and export all of the data they have which is comprised of user input data (you provided) and data collected by the Supplier (in this case Google et al.)


So what is the real deal? Since the data is ours, to begin with, remember that we either manually inputted the data or imported it -- not sure how not allowing the export or printing of it makes sense other than to be a PIA.


Thank you - although I don't have my data, I will somehow replicate it on another CRM that allows for me to collect it at any time -- and I feel better and that is what really counts that I got that off my chest -- sometimes companies make some of the dumbest decisions with the simplest things that cause a lot of pain to customers -- instead of focusing on what would make it easier for a customer you have spent two years digging in your heels in and saying NO I DO NOT WANT TO...Well there you go -- and I guess I am saying I am taking my Bat and Ball and leaving.

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We're currently in the process of building out support for importing sales activities into HubSpot. The functionality we're building will enable users to import calls, emails, meetings, and tasks and associate them with other objects in HubSpot.


We'll follow up on this thread once this feature is in beta/live.

- Alex

Import/Export Team

HubSpot Product Team

The ability to import sales activities -- calls, emails, meetings, tasks -- is now in beta. Reach out to your HubSpot point of contact for beta access.

Pending beta feedback, we should be live to all in the coming weeks.

- Alex


What about exporting?  We should be able to export our own notes!!!  This request has been around for YEARS!!!!

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Just updating this idea to say that you can now import sales activities. To do this, follow the instructions here.

We're still exploring what exports of sales activities would look like. To help us prioritize this work, I'd love to hear comments on which of the three scenarios would be most impactful...

  1. I want to export all or a subset of the activities associated with a specific record
  2. I want to export all or a subset of the activities owned by a specific user in my HubSpot portal
  3. I want to export all the notes/meetings/emails in my portal regardless of association to user or record.

Thanks for provididng all the helpful feedback!


#3, all of the above.  There's no reason we shouldn't be able export all of the activity and filter for what we need.  


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@agirard I can see both 1 and 3 as beneficial.


I want to export all the notes/meetings/emails in my portal regardless of association to user or record.



Upvoting here. We want to do indepth reporting of Contact activity using Activity Feed data. So preferrablly not only can we export as spreadsheets, we can also call for that info via API.
I understand there is "Engagement" API, but many individual types of "Engagement" don't have endpoints available. For example, no way to retreive Ad interaction via API; or a lot of 3rd party integrations show up in Activity Feed, but no API to retreive for "per contact" engagement info.
So a catch-all solution is to retreive all Activity Feed data as text, then we clean-up text/do post-processing ourselves. 
Would appreciate Hubspot team's feedback on this. Thanks.


We are moving to Salesforce and I want to export all or a subset of the activities associated with all records. We are still using Hubspot Marketing Automation, heavily!


Are we able to build a report pulling notes from like logged calls or meetings? or just notes in general? I would love to see how many of our users are making notes, logging calls with a description/note, logging meetings with a description or note, how many one-to-one emails they have sent a contact. If I can't export it thats fine, but I am thinking because its not something we can export based on the answers above we can't see the data all in one report either?


Hi @agirard 

We need to be able to export all email communication for regulatory purposes. In our case we have multiple licenses which means relationships with different regulators (for potentially more than 1 type of service). As such we need to be able to essentially export these commuications based on list criteria whereby we create a list based on client contact properties in relation to applicable regulator and services provided.

If import has been launched, when can we expect something for export? Will what I describe be possible?



Why is this not available yet? Are you trying to one-up salesforce in taking user-feedback and never delivering on them?

Easy solution here;




I would also like to see an export option like this.  it's my data and I would like to have a back up of it.  The future of any busines (Hubspot included) is never known so I'd like to be prepared.


Hi everyone! I'd like to know if there is any updaye about this subject.


Recently, I asked in the link below about if its possible to download or export a list of activities of a Business/Deal (calls, emails, meetings)? So that a summary report of all activities to date of that business can be obtained.



We would also really like to see an export function -- specifically we are looking to export the content of emails that have been logged to the contact record.


Another plea/note of frustration. We should be able to export notes from Hubspot