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Import / export activities (engagements)

We want to have a import/export function for the actions (engements in hubspot internally).

The reason for this is:
For example when we send a sales letter to 100 companies I do not want to registrate the action manualy for each company/contact.


Meanwhile, you can do this via the new free tool by Import2, Import Wizard. This will allow you to import any Hubspot engagement (task, call, note, etc.) that you need via CSV file.


Does anyone know when Hubspot will allow users to export engagements meaning the email messages, notes and image attachments?  It should be an easy thing to include in an export as csv files and image exports and I feel since we are importing all of our proprietary emails in hubspot, we should be able to export them otherwise it seems suspicious.


Can someone give us a timeline on this? Because competitor SuiteCRM already has this option, but we don't want to have to leave Hubspot....but don't want to invest in this company if we don't know if we will ever get all of our documents back... ETA please?


I think it's wrong that Hubspot makes customers use a third party and pay money to get our own information about our own communications with our own clients and leads. We used a competitor before Hubspot that was a mess in so many other ways and even they offered this! I know because when we switched to Husbpot we just clicked a few buttons and got everything in a spreadsheet. So when vetting other providers, I didnt even think to ask this because it was never a question in my mind that they would offer it. 


Yes I know import2 has a "free" tool (and import2 is a great company by the way I have already reached out about the issue) but its very limited so most of the info people would need to export starts costing money. They have to make money for providing that service so no knock against import2 but Hubspot should offer this period. Its my information, leads, clients, content, etc. 


Also, anyone in the financial industry that is subject to FINRA or SEC regulations would have this issue. 



Is there any update from Hubspot on this? How many upvotes does a request take? How come we cannot import (or export) activity data for anything.


Agreed, when will Hubspot allow import/export of activity "engagements" other CRMs (plural) we've used an activity is just another data point associated with a contact, company, or deal. Activity type, date created, date done, assigned persion, title of activity, notes in activity. All data fields.

It's hard when the questions and requests are split into multiple records in the support forum, and "help" is marketing a different and sometimes paid too. We're already paying A LOT of money, and data import and export of ALL data should included and is included in CRM tools that are free and less expensive.


Fully in agreement.  You own your data.  When will this get prioritized?

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This really is a much-needed feature.

ステータスに更新: Not Currently Planned

Thank you all for the feedback. While we currently support the import of notes, we are not currently planning to support the import of other activity types via HubSpot's import flow.


As an alternative solution, please note that it's possible to create new engagements in HubSpot using the Engagements API:


We will update this Idea Post when new types of activity import become a prioirty in the future. 


Also request the feature that we can see sales activites on a per contact basis. 


Yes, pretty much needed!


The feature is needed for analyzing the statistics of whole way which lead makes and understanding the value of each channel in marketing mix. HubSpot is able to collect data about all actions, with this data you can make super tool for marketers - smth like associated conversions in GA. The analytics is the base, so you can start with opportunities to export all contacts' actions. That's how we wil be able to make this attribution ourselves at least.

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A solution for exporting engagements (along with the other CRM properties) is now available.


Using our integration platform,, Bayard Bradford provides the Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot free of charge in the HubSpot App Marketplace.  Ultimate Data Export was developed as a result of our participation in HubSpot's new App Accelerator program.   


With the Ultimate Data Export for HubSpot you can export the following data tables and their associations:


  • Contacts
  • Web Analytics
  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Deal History
  • Owners
  • Campaigns
  • Engagements
  • Emails
  • Products
  • Tickets
  • and more related subdata such as Pipelines and Associations.

The export include web events data as well. Some data may not be available depending on which HubSpot tier you are using.

Here is a brief explainer video on the app.

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I'm surprised to find that this isn't possible. I wanted to export "activities" for a specific company. I can open the company record and see all the activities on the screen, but there's no way to export them. There's also no way to print the screen, because it loads the activities as I scroll.


Scenario here is an executive or Sales person saying "what engagement have we had with X company?" Are they opening our emails, visiting our website etc? Show me everything."


There's also a very plausable, but thankfully hypethetical in my case, scenario of legal discovery. "How have we interacted with this company/contact?"


many basic features are not available in hubspot, i vote for this option to be able to import our activities from excel or even another app, without going into API and developers.

moreover, Hubspot calling service is available for few countries only, integrating apps like skype is not available


please look into adding some features for subscribers under the free and starter bundles.


It would be ideal to be able to download emails even for the administrators only so that regulatory requirements can be satisfied.  We often need to supply confirmation of details.    Thank-you Hubspot!. 


I am very interested in a way to export the Note Body.  We would like to send notes collected at trade shows to the local Sales Rep for the lead.  I import all the lead data from the show and then Hubspot assigns a sales rep based on the address.  then I'd like to export it to and .xlsx file to be sent the to appropriate sales rep.  it all works great except for the critical part of extracting the notes.  I can make a work around but I was hoping to have a simple List or Report saved that the managers could quickly change a filter to the correct trade show and then export the file themselves.  Its way too complicated right now for them to do it without wasting their time.

I'm not interested in a migration tool or an export everything option.  I just need to get the Note Body data onto a spreadsheet.

Please increase the priority on this.


I agree, this needs to be prioritzed.  Ridiculous that you can import notes but not export them again!


Engagement is a critical part of CRM. We need to have the capability to export our engagements. 


being unable to export tickets with the correspondence is a massive issue