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Import and Export Approval Permissions



My idea is to create an import and export approval flow within HubSpot. Currently, the only permissions available related to this is to allow or block both functionality for users.


However, that way either the user loses their autonomy and puts all responsibility for these actions to the admin - who probably has other things to worry about - or we put the security of CRM data at risk with untrained people having this functionality.


I wish there was a way that any CRM user could request to import or export data, but only a few users with specific permissions could approve that request.
For that, it would be necessary that the user with access to approval could check which data is being exported or imported.


For Enterprise customers like me, this is a deal-breaker on investing more in CRM.



Felipe Felix

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please please please


Great idea) It`s really important

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This is absolutely needed and should be a priority for developers.


Even more important with the non-marketing/marketing contacts plan. We need a way to have users submit approval before importing or exporting lists. Without this check, someone can easily push a large list, add to marketing contacts and accidently push us over our allotment.


Beyond that this is a major security factor. Considering approvals are already in place for email and website publishing, i don't see any reason why this wouldn't be far off from implementing across other assets.     


Totally agree with you)


Very much agree.


I'd love to have the option to let users import but not be able to overwrite existing data to prevent errors in the import


It's excatly what we need.


The point is, it's a security breach if the user account is not disactivate in time he could export everything and leave the company with.