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Import Teams, Roles and all Users into Sandbox

We have bee excited to have a HubSpot Sandbox to begin working on some complex workflows, but are frustrated with the roll out!  We have 97 Users, 22 Teams aand 28 Roles -- and only the Super Admins were auto-imported into the Sandbox -- and there is no way to export Roles and Teams and then import them into the Sandbox.


There are additional down-stream effects of this: attempts to import Contacts and Companies from our Prod environment into the Sandbox fail because the system cannot find the Contact Owner and Account Manager (users) during import. 


Re-creating those roles in the sandbox is too time-intensive to justify. Looking forward to seeing this addressed.

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It seems the HubSpot sandbox feature was added as more of an MVP without any real documentation or forethought into how admins could actually populate it to mirror production like a true sandbox (or even partial sandbox with a subset of metadata).... I have already spent hours and contacted support, and they confirmed there is really no documentation or defined process on how to actually enable users, workflows, etc. to mirror production without exporting/importing each object one at a time, and re-creating everything manually (the Export your content and data article leaves a lot to be desired -- not to mention for backing up HubSpot, which is basically the same process, and is also a huge product gap).


After much trial and error, I am still running into many complications. For example, when connected to a Salesforce SB, all your users will have ".invalid" appended to their username emails so they don't get production email alerts...but HS refuses to let you create a user with that email (even if you check the option "Do not email the user" during).  Also, the Sandbox process creates only Super Admin users, but then if any of those users also own Contacts/Companies/etc., import fails with "duplicate user" errors, because it won't match the HS username with the SF username (when you search Companies and filter by owner, it will show BOTH the internal HS username email AND the SF username email, as if they're 2 different users--yet these SF users do not show up under HS Users, so how are you supposed to assign/merge them to records?).  I even tried deleting the Super Admin users HS created, removing the SF Connector, then appending the emails in my HS import file with .invalid (to match Salesforce once Connector is added back); the upload succeeded without errors and created the Companies, but it left the Company Owner field blank and did not create the User.  And as a HS Super Admin, you also can't change a HS user's email once created, without logging in as each user!  So you end up having to delete all the Super Users sandbox creation autocreated anyway, to not have them all duplicated with SF. Not practical or admin friendly at all.


HubSpot really needs to step up their game and get some documentation & process documented about how to actually build and configure the sandbox to mirror production once created.


i ust want to add.. an sandbox supposed to be an exact copy of the production environnment, if we do change it's not an exact anymore so our test a less accurate.  and  try to make it identical it's time consumming and if test fail et we have to recreate de sans box again we have to redo it again.

what we need is an exact copy of the prod environment as a sandbox.