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Import Tasks & create recurring tasks

I could really use the ability to import tasks into the CRM and to create tasks to be recurring. This would allow our team manager to set up the tasks for projects that happen on a regular basis and monitor progress to make sure things  don't get dropped. 

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Yes, please!  Many folks use Hubspot for managing all of their tasks.  The ability to create recurring tasks that relate to your sales, marketing, or service job functions, but dont necessarily correlate with a specific customer would be make life splendid.  Thank you!


Would be a nice and important feature to create recurring tasks!


+1 we would also find it very helpful for Hubspot to allow this type of data import as well.
We hold many webinars (2+ per month) with hundreds of contacts, and gotowebinar exports questions that we need to followup with, and right now the only way to create tasks is to manually create the tasks one by one and copy/paste title and notes for each one. 
Super inefficient.


The ability to bulk import tasks would be helpful for our team too vs manually having to create each one.