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Import Static List in Campaigns: Count New Contacts from Import


A client of mine uses campaigns as a way to help track and understand the ROI of in person events (tradeshows/conferences).



When a static list created from an import is associated to a campaign, the campaign doesn't seem to consider the created contacts as "New Contacts (First Touch)" in the context of campaign performance reporting.


This is an issue because, of course, contacts were created from the import, which is from the event.



When importing contacts, it would great to have a "Campaign" drop down on the last step of the import when the box "Create a list from this import" is checked.


Then, by associating the static to the campaign right away would tell the campaign that any contact created from importing this list were actually created by the list, and therefore should count as new contacts in the campaign. 

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Great idea!


This is a great suggestion.  We are struggling with tracking in-person conference events with Hubspot.  The list is a big issue, and there is no way to see activities related to those who attended the conference (meetings, demos, etc.).  I had to create dashboards for that - 😞