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Import Shopify SKUs to HubSpot

I have two-way sync between HubSpot and Shopify using the HubSpot integration enabled, but while products are imported from Shopify, the SKUs are not. 


Can we please have that? 



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the Shopify integration needs more fields mapped, definetly. Ideally should le tyou pick like the old Piesync intragtion did. 

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On behalf of a customer, this is a critical part within their HubSpot use case!


This is absolutely critical to two businesses I'm involved with. There is a clear SKU field in Shopify and a clear SKU field in HubSpot....not sure why the data can't be pulled from one into the other. The mapping works perfectly with other ecommerce integrations such as CED Commerce from Magento into HubSpot.




Agree with other comments here. SKUs are basic building blocks of any ecommerce business and for Hubspot to be missing that is a major gap. Please prioritize and add the ability to pull SKUs from Shopify.