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Import Products into folder

With the new folder tool, we are able organise Products into our Product Library. However, this would be much better if we are able to import Product directly into the folders. 


Typically, when using a Product import, we are importing a long list of Products and it is time consuming to have to move each individual Product into a folder after import. 

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Came here hoping that someone had a solution to this! I'm importing around 1,000 products and have to manually sort them now or break them up into multiple imports to ensure they get into the correct folders.

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Another customer has requested this!

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Hi all, we're drafting a public app to add to a Pro/Enterprise portal so that the Super Admin can:

  • Export products including Folder ID
  • Import products including Folder ID, so that products are automatically added to the desired HubSpot folder.

Would anyone following this thread for the last 4 years be open to validating the user requirements and to beta testing once it's installable?



Hi Pete!
Thats sounds very good! Would be a pleasure to test your App.

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Thanks Marcel 

Our other HubSpot apps are DoPricer, DoCurrencies etc, so this will probably be called "DoProducts" 🙂

I'll message you so we can arrange for you to have access to beta test DoProducts when ready.

best, Pete


I'm very open to testing. I'm in the middle of a product sync project and this would be a lifesaver.

I very interested in trying it

How has this been an open request for 3 years?! I guess there goes the rest of my afternoon as I add all these products one by one to each folder. 😩

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HubSpot is working on a new Product Library which offers "views" as seen in managing other objects like Contacts, Companies, and Deals.

This will be vastly better than the current library so we have paused development on our planned workaround, the DoProducts app.


Views are based on defined filters and therefore products can appear in multiple views.

When this is released, the jury is still out on whether folders would add any value.

There may be support for legacy folders for those who really need them. 


Hopefully more news on this feature release plan soon