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For Products as a new feature it would be great to make it possible to import a list of products.

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- I have 12 000 products so as it is this product functionality can't be use as the quote has to be done elsewhere - how will sales use the opportunity 

thanks @talktotrey I like your "CRM's are used for Sales.  No Products means I can't quote.  No Quotes means that Hubspot "CMR" is a Communications Management Tool, not a CRM.  this is so true also for task, importing task and asign them to sales is also a core function for a CRM.


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Pricing to do a one-time import from Data2CRM was $500!  That was for 100 leads, 100 accounts, 100 contacts, 100 opportunities.  I have thousands of products that will need updating regularly.  At those costs I'm priced out.  I have requested the integration from Zapier so fingers crossed.


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I also need the ability to import products. Gonna be a ton of work to create them one at a time!

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I also want the ability to upload the product quantities to each deal via CSV.  Not only upload the product.

We currently have custom fields for product volumes for inventory tracking

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As an example, I run a SaaS software platform. Our prices are per location either annually or monthly, both the MRR an ARR is different for the respective annual and monthly terms. We have a product pricing tier for each location e.g. 1 location 2 locations and so on so forth. I'm having to enter 400 products manually.  It's taking me two whole days to do this, not idea. 

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Hope you guys will fast-track an import functionality capable at the very least of importing a CSV file.


Without this capability the product feature is useless.

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 Our product list is over 300 lines. Don't want to do that by hand.

Also we would LOVE more than one list. (We have 2 basic product lines).

Finally, I see someone mentions Data2CRM as an option to import data. What about your existing salesforce integration? We already have our product catalogues set up in Salesforce, and would love to port them over as we attempt to migrate away from sf.

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Now that HubSpot launched Products API, you can import products lists using It's free for files up to 1,000 rows.


Disclaimer: I am with Import2 team.

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markkofman,  how come your wizard ap page doesn't even mention importing product data?  I just signed up and will give it whirl.  Hope it works, because like the other posters here, entering product data by hand into Hubspot is unacceptable.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

Hi all! We're preparing a beta for importing Products. Please direct message me your HubSpot portal ID and email address if you are willing to help us test this out to get it ready for all customers to use Smiley Happy