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Import Historical Emails

Many people want to start using Hubspot with their entire company's email history associated with the correct Hubspot Contact/Company, and visible to all Hubspot Users.


For many companies, historical email history is the *single* most important record of the interaction you and your colleagues have had with your customers and prospects.


This is a vital and common feature to other CRM's, like Close, Pipedrive, Zoho, SalesforceIQ, FreshSales...the list goes on.


The current solution that Hubspot offers is NOT effective. We need the import of emails to be A) automatic, and B) historical (including before we started using Hubspot). Logging, bcc, shared inboxes, etc., do not cut the mustard.


There are third-party companies that offer this, such as Threads, & MigrateMyCRM, but we all want a native Hubspot solution. The fact that multiple companies have built this should be a blinking neon sign highlighting just how much this is needed.


You can see people requesting this at:


So please, pretty please, with sugar on top. Build the *** Email Integration





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Re: Auto-Import All Historical Email (Including Emails written BEFORE using Hubspot) - changed to: Not Currently Planned
March 19, 2021 04:49 PM

Hi everyone - Thanks so much for your comments and engagements on this thread. We take your feedback very seriously and have been tracking the popularity of this request. We don't currently have the bandwidth to tackle this work right now, so I'm updating the status of this idea to reflect that. Apologies that it's not better news, but I will be back here with an update if and when we are able to move forward with this!

February 16, 2021 02:14 PM

Once HubSpot Sales is installed with a connected personal email inbox, a user can enable the 'log' feature so when they send emails moving forward, those emails will automatically log inside a HubSpot contact.

But, what about past emails that were sent before the extension was installed?

Currently, the only way to 'log' previously sent emails is via the 'forward' feature and you must do that one-by-one on each individual email you want to forward.

My suggestion is to implement a bulk forward solution so users do not have to do this one-by-one. Thanks for the consideration! 



Re: Auto-Import All Historical Email (Including Emails written BEFORE using Hubspot) - changed to: Idea Submitted
August 31, 2020 07:19 AM

Hi @sgrun,


I am the Product Manager for Marketing Email. Thank you for the submission and for all the upvotes. We are looking into this request and i will update the forum when I have more feedback for you. 




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I could not agree more with the need for an auto-import functionality for email. This is definitely a must have and I hope that this feature will be developed soon. Thanks!

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I can't think of a business not wanting this kind of function. Why only have the option to log email threads beforehand, it is afterwards you know if the information was vital and relevant to the business case. Also this is a security measure for companies complying to regulations only to save relevant Business data and not every single email beforehand. We need this ASAP, thanks!


I’m really surprised this feature is not already available with hubspot. We’ve just migrated over from another CRM and there now a huge amount of manual work to get our contacts in order.


Impossible to work without that. Meaningless. Pipedrive does this without any problem. I work with both, I find Pipedrive way superior to Hubspot in many aspects. 


If Hubspot wants to truly be a useful CRM this is essential.  If its just about marketing to new clients then I understand why you don't see a need to add this feature.  

These days its not about a single sale but a relationship built over time.  My customers don't "age out" they have been with me for years and it would be so valuable to be able to keep track of our full conversation. 

I would like to identify a message in my email and say "add this to hubspot".  Please consider adding a way to capture current clients into your system.

Salesforce does this by forwarding existing emails to itself and then allowing those emails to be assigned to a client.  

For many organizations this can be a make or break issue.  It is a key factor in considering whether to move forward with hubspot or not.


We're thinking about migrating to HubSpot just to find out that this is not possible. 


Feel this is a key thing for an established sales team to not loose all emails. Wondering how teams can just accept skipping this... PLease put this feature in soon!!


I've been experimenting with Hubspot and this is the thing that would make or break it for our team. Would really love to see this feature!


This is a very important aspect of migrating to Hubspot.

We are an immigration agency and our processes take on average 18mths. Therefore we are unable to lose any emails as it can be vital to our applicant's visa outcome. 

Can someone at Hubspot please advise if a solution is being worked on that is a native Hubspot service.


Thank you.


Really want this feature, major pain point for my team after we migrated from Pipedrive.

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It's critical to be able to have the association with the deal and contact. Many of the existing solutions simply add it to the contact and can't recognize the HubSpot association to a deal or company. 




How is this not a thing yet?!




Couldn't agree more! This feature needs to be added to attract more people considering HubSpot to move (and make it much easier for those who have decided to).


This is a big issue and HubSpot should resolve this ASAP. It seems like more of an executive decision to not allow the feature of auto-tagging emails via email address to be turned on. Part of it could be a way to save on AWS storage for millions of emails


This is the best solution I found for Gmail to Hubspot forwarding of old emails. Affordable and does the job for my once-off migration: google 'multi-email-forward' .

I'm a customer, no relation to the company and have used this service before and they just work. And you can always cancel after the first month once you've done the initial run.


This is really the single biggest reason why we didn`t make the transition to Hubspot yet. Other CRMs offer this functionality and there is just too much work in forward each email any employee in  our team has sent.


I was going to leave Nimble for Hubspot but now I am having 2nd thoughts. A full retroactive email integration s key!

How could they not offer it?


Show stopper without it for me.


We have been trialling hubspot for some time now and this is an absolute deal breaker, i have 10 years of historic information with clients and prospects that i wish to share with a newly growing sales team, it is really not going to be any good if i cannot add this information and history to hubspot.  CAn someone advise if this is going to change, this question has been outstanding for some time without any answer from Hubspot, we need an answer, and we need it quickly, otherwise we have no choice but to find another solution.


As many have said before: this is a must (and I know it is not THAT difficult to develop)