Implement ability to choose which Non-HubSpot forms send a notification

Hi there,

I'd like to suggest this feature is added to Non-HubSpot forms:

Implement the ability to choose which Non-HubSpot forms send a notification.



Currently if you set up notifications for Non-HubSpot forms, you'll get a submission notification for any non-HubSpot form that HubSpot can find on your site via the tracking code. This could include login forms, admin forms, forms you don't particularly care about tracking.


If you 'delete' the Non-HubSpot form, it will be recreated the next time that form is filled out.


If you remove the HubSpot tracking code from the specific pages with forms you don't want to collect in HubSpot, it will not pull them in. I insert the HubSpot tracking code on all pages via Google Tag Manager (which is very common to do) so this is not a viable solution for this case.



In this case I have a portal which is collecting a form from a Non-HubSpot landing page, and sending a notification to myself and a client. We are both also receiving notifications when people log in to the site or log in on the admin side, which is irrelevant and clogs up an inbox very quickly. I personally ignore and archive the irrelecant notifications in my inbox, but I'd prefer my client didn't receive them. It would be nice to have some functionality over this.


There used to be a /collected-forms/ page where this feature was available (i.e. you could set the notification settings for a specific collected form). You can no longer access the /collected-forms/ url.



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Yes, definitely need this back - used to be able to manage this when the Collected Forms were managed separately, but has been changed to be a global setting for all Collected Forms now. Please restore the old functionality.

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Agreed.  For example, I don't need to receive an email every time someone (including my own team) logs into my website, but I would like an email when an order is placed (both of which are forms that can't be converted to Hubspot forms).