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Image submission in forms

New for August 23, the image submissions via forms have changed to include the email address in the link, which causes errors when adding the images to our database. The photo uploads are now tied to the email address automatically. The workaround suggested to resolve this new issue is to search for the file via the email address within File Manager and rename the file in order to change the URL so that it will no longer have the email address there. Support knows this is more work than we bargained for, especially snce we get a large number of submissions on this form, and were previously able to import submissions directly into our database.

Hubspot confirmed that when submitting a form with an attached file, the way it is now submitted creates a URL with the email address included in it. Currently, there is no way to change this as it is a HubSpot default that Hubspot does not have access to change.

Please work on changing the image submission formattting to a more database friendly link without the newly added email address. When we import and then click on image link, it opens an email to client rather than the image client sent. To go into File Manager and search for each submission image, change the URL, and then import to db will cost us countless hours until this can be resolved. Many thanks!

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HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

good idea!

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My co worker asks how Hubspot even gets the email into the image link in the first place, as it is not entered there by client, so must now somehow be pulled from the email field. There has to be a way Hubspot can relink these links without the email address inside link?