Image Slider and Gallery Options

The modules currently in place do not allow for enough modifications. For example, if you have a lightbox gallery, click on an image, it expands to full size, you have no choice but to physically hit the escape button when viewing the full image. There should be an "X" button or you should be able to click somewhere on the screen (not the image) to exit. 


Also, in lightbox gallery mode, you can not adjust the original size of the image. You have no chioce but to utilize a very small thumbnail image as your preview image. Overall, there should be more flexibility to adjust the original size without having to re-upload a re-sized imaged. 



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Jun 22, 2017

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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The new gallery edit module is worse than it was before - I like the enhancements for the user experience, but what about for the web/backend side? when will you make the module bigger so it is easier to manage large quantities of images?


This is not a solution: