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There needs to be a way to globally disable Hubspot's image compression. Now that most people look at emails on a mobile device, it is important to have large images for retina. So compressing everything until they are blurry is unacceptable. Emails are also more image heavy so adding "?noresize" to every single image is extremely tedious.

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It compresses all images so small they are barely legible.  It's the worst i've seen on any tool. terrible!!!! Makes us look so unprofessional. 

I'm almost ready to move back to Campaign Monitor. argh!

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Hack: remove all images from the email templates and then add them in via the email editor. that way you can view source and add in the "?noresize" to the end of the img src. 
Much better!


The ?noresize does not work. It looks better in the builder, but once you send it gets blurry again. I tested a number of times.


I hope people are not wasting their time messing with their HTML on every email, trying to implement this soltuion offered by HubSpot support, because it DOES NOT WORK.

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@BryZ - It's working for me.


Add the ?noresize to the end of the src <img src="xxx.jpg?noresize" />


This is a total hack and I'm super disappointed that HS has not fixed this yet. 

The compression is horrific and just makes us look bad.


I hope they fix it soon.

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Our Communication team uses Drag and Drop and they can't used the ?noresize feature there, PLUS Hubspot has made their compression settings on this even MORE aggressive and the images look worse this week than they have before. We can't deliver poor quality images in our marketing emails, this reflects horribly on our brand and company image.


Please fix this soon!

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Here's the a temp fix for anyone who's team uses "D&D" email designer, you'll need a custom module for email use  (local no global) with image snippet:

{% if module.image_field.src %}
<img src="{{ module.image_field.src }}?noresize"
alt="{{ module.image_field.alt }}"
width="{{ module.image_field.width }}"
height="{{ module.image_field.height }}">
{% endif %}

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We need to be able to turn off compress images globally.


I absolutely agree that one should be able to turn off or at least adjust the compression globally. The compression is way too aggressive and all images look ugly and blurry.

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Excited to share that you can now customize an image optimization settings

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So I tried using your new options for image compression... my images still look blurry with smaller text on your High setting. There should be a "No compression" option, because frankly this just looks unprofessional.