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If/Then will delay or loop until conditions are met

I would like the workflow to pause until some trigger is met in an if/then branch.


The if/then branch would be great if there was some way to tell the workflow to run that test again after some period of time or until the "No" criteria, in this case, became a "yes" The delays function don't necessarily ensure what I need to happen will happen. In these cases I'm just hoping I'm giving the servers enough time to complete the other called sub-workflows I need it to perform before the delay expires.



Original message with HubSpot support....


Just to make sure I am understanding you correctly, you are hoping to make the workflow pause between successive workflow enrollments until the previous step is completed before progressing to the next workflow/step.


This is not currently an explicit function of HubSpot and typically I would recommend adding delays (as you have already done) to accomplish this goal. The other alternative - which I will admit is not as clean as simply adding delays and may create too much work - is to create if/then branches after each workflow enrollment with the deciding factor being whether or not the contact has completed the workflow from the previous step of the workflow. If they have not yet completed, it then they could be filtered down a pathway that imposes a 5 minute delay. However, while this pathway should work it will ultimately only save a few minutes here and there when running workflows.

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Excellent idea, having to repeat delays and exact same action/task is an administration overhead/nightmare when a simple if action is met repeat until complete.

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Agree, really need this feature. Continually adding delays and repeating the workflow build isn't a good use of time and the workflows can become so big they are hard to manage (and impossible to see the full view of everything!)

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Words taken straight from my mouth. Agree to this feature request

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This is a great idea, I would like to see some form of advanced delay system added in workflows.

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Hi Everyone,

An idea similar to this seems to be in planning.
It asks for branches to be reconnected to the main branch once an exception is dealt with - in most cases this would negate the need to clone branches over and over again & would enable you to reconnect the NO branch to above the criteria agian - (since this feature is in planning you could vote and also request the branches connect to any section not just the main branch)

Vote here: