Identify customer in the Chat

We use HubSpot Chat/Conversations for chatting with not only our website visitors but also our customers. We know who they are but want to make sure that Hubspot knows as well so that we can help.


We use the Identify a Visitor functionality to identify someone:


We pass along the email address and our internal ID. This helps HubSpot to identify our customer. However, when our customer would switch to another account (providing they have two) it does not matter what I pass along in the functionality for Identify a Visitor, but HubSpot will always recognise this customer as the first one.

That makes it very hard for us to provide customer support as we cannot be 100% sure that if we see a name in the chat, that that person is actually logged in as that customer.


We need functionality to identify someone in the Chat with 100% certainty. If I pass along to the Javascript that this customer is ID 1 with email then I want HubSpot to display that customer as such, and not use what it already has in some kind of cookie.


Obviously, if something like this would become available, we need some security mechanism as well. You can see how Intercom does this with their secret tokens.

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