Identify Signed In Users in Live Chat

Live Chat is great for talking with visitors to our website.


But, we can't differentiate between a visitor and a signed in user.


Intercom make this possible by setting the user's email and id in javascript variables that are passed to the chat -- they also have a very nice method for verifying signed in users:


There are various discussions about this topic:

The analytics systems and chat systems are not the same, so identifying users doesn't help.


I'd like to see a really robust method for verifying the identify of a signed in user when using live chat -- so that we can support our existing customers and prospects with the same chat system.


As it stands, we will have to create two implementations -- one for visitors and another for signed in users.

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HubSpot Employee

I agree that this would be a valuable feature! If we have already collected someone's email address within that browsing session, it creates friction when they have to enter it in again. Example scenario:


1) A contact submits a form, which redirects them to a page with a chat bot on it. We collect their email address on the form.

2) The contact interacts with a chat bot. Instead of prepopulating their email address, we currently require the visitor to type it in again.


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Any updates on this?

We desperately need this asap!


Because of this missing feature we can't switch to the hubspot chat for now, as we can't expect our loggedin users to identify again in the chat. This is a broken user experience.


Just some way to identify the user via a simple JS API call and we are good to go!

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Hey, @siicockerill I think I know a software that can identify Signed In Users in Live Chat. The software stands with the name Acquire, which can set Visitor’s name, mail ID and phone number and store in its database once a new user signs up. It can also track visitor’s web-path programmatically.

You can check out the link for reference: ( )