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Identify Merged Contact

HI team,


Currently, the de-duplication tool allows users to merge contacts. This is currently an irreversible merge, which is understandable as some information is lost during the merge. However, it would be great if there could be a way to identify which contacts have been merged. Perhaps by creating a 'last merged' contact property that can be filtered by or the ability to filter for 'Email address is more than one'. 


I think that if users can at least identify merged contacts, they will have the option to manually unmerge the contacts by creating new records for the contacts that have merged.

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I second this suggestion - currently working on thousands of merges and would be great if we can identify those who have had a merge on their activity history for several reasons.


I would love to have a property like this.

When merging two contacts, if the primary contact has no value for a property and the secondary contact does, then the secondary property value will populate the merged record, from what I understand.

If we have made a custom property to hold some email info that we find relevant, and then someone else at our company merges the contact into another contact that has a different email, the info on the merged contact will reflect an email with email info that refers to a different email. Having a property that lets us know that a merge happened, and which can automate certain updates/checks would help tremendously to make sure our data is reliable and consistent.



This would come in extremely handy for something I am currently working through now. Upvoted! 👍


this is really import for us when it comes to companies - we have an integration with other platforms that use this data and being able to identify when a company has been merged, either as it happens or through a report would be really helpful.

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Definitely need to be able to see which contacts were merged! 


Yes being able to seperate out the companies that have been merged by a merge date property would be super handy.


Same would be true for Merged Deals

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Definitely needed

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Gracias por la idea, estaría genial poder realizar listas de contactos combinados para poder filtrarlas en fechas específicas. Últimamente las hemos requerido. 


Yesss, please.


Yes, this is definitely needed and would be extremely helpful. 

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+1 to this!


Same for merge tickets ! 


Yes, please!  We have custom code written to merge contacts based on phone number but we get contacts merged over time that shouldn't be (e.g. contacts all have the same phone number from their company in the standard phone number field).  When I upload a list of contacts I want to send to, it would be helpful to be able to see how many are part of a merged record.  Or a property as mentioned in this post where I can filter them out.