Ideas to improve "Products" and "Quotes"

I am new to HubSpot and enjoying it,


Here some ideas of things that I could use and can´t find in  "Products"


- Be able to add (and import) custom fields to products

- Be able to import prices on multiple currencies to products

- Have the ability to upload product descriptions in different languages and link each language to a default currency (so that you can quote with your product descriptions  on the correct language)

- Upgrade the "Margin" feature so that it displays the real margin when a product has multiple currencies (even if it displays the margin on the default company currency) Currently it mixes currencies and gives you a crazy and not real margin.


If anyone knows about possible solutions to any of my above suggestions I would strongly appreciate your input.

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Custom fields to products is needed by us too.  We also need to option to display any field as a column on the pricing table of a quote. 

We can't use products or quoting in Hubspot until this is improved.  Consequently we pay PandaDocs too much to exit the Hub and quote with an external product.