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We as a community are looking to import data for existing Deals.  Currently, Deal data can only be imported which would create new Deals.  We would like to be able to import data for existing ones.  Furthermore, it would be an added bonus if you could create a HubSpot ID as a unique identifier for importing said Deals. 

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Yes, we need a way to update existing deals ... please! 


Updating fields from the deals overview screen would also be great. 


Currently, we have to click into each deal to update individual fields ... very time consuming and not a great consumer expereience. It should be as easy as possible for sales people to keep deals and information updated. 

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The ability to bulk update existing deals (and associated deal properties) using an import would be a HUGE help and time saver. Similar to how email address is the unique identifier to allow for bulk updating of contacts via import, I like the above suggestion of there being something like a Deal ID to be able to import/update existing deals in a similar way.


A use case for you:

- HubSpot's default "Closed Lost Reason" property is configured as a Multi-line text field.

- Our sales team has asked for a dropdown or multi-select version of this field that has predetermined values.

- When you go to move a deal to the Closed/Lost phase, the default pop-up provides 2 properties: Closed Date, Closed Lost Reason. To my knowledge you cannot customize this pop-up to include other/preferred or custom properties (ex: a custom multi-select property that provides those predetermined values).

- You can (per this help article: edit the default Closed Lost Reason property to be a multi-select. However, we don't want to lose the existing data that's been stored in that multi-line text field to this point.


To solve the above scenario - with the current tool limitations - I would have to manually update over 400 deals to include this historic data, and I unfortunately just don't have the time or resources for that. An import would make quick work of it.


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After a data import we noticed that a number of data points on a deal were inaccurate or that they pulled the incorrect data from the previous CRM.  We would love to be able to import using a unique ID or some other way that would override and place the correct information into those deals.  Right now we will spend a few weeks manually editing that data...

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My sales teams just reorganized territories and the Hubspot owner of the deals don't correspond to the contact Hubspot owner. With the current limitations, there is no way to bulk update the deals with the correct Hubspot owner since there is no state field or Deal ID. I now have to go into over 800 deals and manually update the correct Hubspot owner. This seems like a logical capability that needs to be on the immediate product roadmap.

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This is a major issue that HubSpot needs to resolve.

This feature used to be available, based on articles I found online.

Why was it removed?

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While this feature is not yet available, you can use a 3rd party tool for this - - it allows you to import new or update existing deals.