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IF contact is marked as no longer with company THEN grey-out

It would be helpful to see at-a-glance which contacts are still at a company and which are not by adding some indication directly to their contact details, such as being greyed-out, from both the company profile page and the contact list/record page, and any other area where their contact information may populate. 


This may include a field that allows us to mark the contact as past so as to grey them out, perhaps with an end-date we can specify.


Ideally, we would not be to associate past contacts to new deals for the company after the specified end date. They can only be associated to deals for the new company they are active in.


This could be in conjunction with a new feature of marking a contact as archived, where we can choose to show archived contacts or not.


Thank you!


This saves users the time of needing to drill-into the contact records to see if they have moved to another company.


This also allows us to see a complete history of company/deals rather than deleting them or archiving them. 

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This would be great to see in Hubspot!