IF branches reconnection

IF statements is a nice addition, but it is useless if the 2 branches created cannot be reconnected to continue a workflow. Otherwise it just forces us to duplicate all the common events in two branches, once the IF exception is passed...


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IF branches reconnectionHubSpot Product Team

thanks for catching that @Kriszti! I just updated the link and it should work now.  

IF branches reconnectionHubSpot Product Team
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Hi all! I'm excited to announce we've put this feature in beta as of yesterday. It's currently only available in deal, ticket, company, and quote-based workflows, but will be coming soon to contact-based workflows. If you're interested in testing it as part of the beta, please fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-lUVTFBcCtepksiwiOYPBzakwkYPrZzShGBrcjYZo3fpFdQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


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IF branches reconnectionHubSpot Product Team

Hi all, this is solidly on our radar and we hope to tackle it in coming months. We're currently focusing primarily on reliability and core infrastructure work but this is one of our top priorities after that. We will keep this idea updated as anything changes. Appreciate your feedback here! 

IF branches reconnectionHubSpot Product Team
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I agree. I have workflows that are really long and I have to duplicate the work up to 6 times now all the way down because of an if/then branch that happens early on. Everything else is the same all the way down the workflow, so it would be great to merge them back together.

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When designing nurture workflows I am really missing a way to skip a step if the given contact already has done a certain action.


An example would be we send out a number of nurture emails with our best performing blog posts and downloads, but we cannot avoid sending the email to someone who has already viewed the post or submitted the form to download the content.


We need a "skip this step if...", e.g. viewed page, submitted form, list member

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I came across https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/IF-branches-reconnection/idi-p/11322
and it looks like it's trying to achieve the same thing.

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I have suggested another solution to achieve the same thing (correct me if I'm wrong): https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Skip-workflow-step/idc-p/14238#M1995
Basically, a way to skip a step if a certain criteria is met.

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Hello @troelsfeodor have you tried using IF/THEN branching logic in your workflows? It sounds like this existing branching tool might help you meet your goals. 


IF/THEN branches allow you to create two flows in one workflow based on a contact meeting a certain criteria. E.g. IF a contact viewed page X then enroll then in STEP Y / IF NOT then enroll them in STEP Z.


Check out this Knowledge Base Article on how you can use IF/THEN logic and steps in workflows and let me know if this tool meets your needs. If not, can you provide more detail (and examples if possible) of how you would like the workflow tool to perform. 


You might also find using Workflow Recipes helpful when building your nurture emails. . These recipes include pre-built with lists, emails, and automation, so you don’t have to worry about setting this up on your own. They are designed to not only help first-time workflow users, but also provide time-saving templates to veteran workflow masters. Once you have installed a recipe, all that is left to do is to customize the assets (e.g. adding IF/THEN branching) and then activate your workflow.


If you have any follow up questions for me / the Product team then just post in your reply.


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Hi @roisinkirby

Yes I'm fully aware of the IF/THEN logic and am using it a lot. But to use that for every step in a long nurture flow would require me to replicate the same actions in each new branch, which would make it completely unmanageable.


Imagine a workflow with just 5 steps. For each step I would need an IF/THEN condition breaking it into 2. But I want to continue with the same steps for each new branch. I would end up with 16 branches for step 5 which is crazy. Then imagine wanting to change what happens in step 5, I'd need to do that 16 times. And it only get's A LOT worse if you have 10-15 steps like we do in some workflows.


That's why I think we need to either be able to skip or as suggested in the link I shared, to reconnect the branches.


Does it make sense?

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Hey @troelsfeodor thank you for following up with these details, and yes I can certainly see your use case / goals here.


I am going to merge this thread with the Idea you linked above, this will be beneficial for several reasons:


1. Product Managers will be able to review requests/commentary/context all in one place 

2. The votes for both ideas will be combined, and moving forward votes will not be split between similar threads



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@roisinkirby Can you please also combine my topic with this as I posted before I found this one. Here:  https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/Workflows-need-to-have-a-Goto/idi-p/14854

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A simple 'If contact meets X criteria, skip this step' would accomplish this.

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Much needed features. Will safe hours of work for a lot of us!