IF branches reconnection

IF statements is a nice addition, but it is useless if the 2 branches created cannot be reconnected to continue a workflow. Otherwise it just forces us to duplicate all the common events in two branches, once the IF exception is passed...


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Game changer, looking forward to seeing contacts enter the Beta!

Status updated to: Delivered
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We've introduced the ability to reconnect workflow branches using a new “Go to” action. At the end of a branch, “Go to” lets you reconnect to other parts of the workflow. This new action is now live for deal, ticket, company, and quote-based workflows, and will come soon to contact-based workflows.


Navigate to any deal, ticket, company, or quote-based workflow and add an action. You’ll see a new option available called “Go to.” Once you select that action, you’ll have the ability to select where you’d like to connect in the workflow. You cannot create loops using the “Go to” action, and can only connect to actions later in the workflow.



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Will we be notified when it's ready for "contact" workflows?

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Can you give us a ballpark timeframe for when this will be available in contact workflows?

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I'm sorry, but I have a hard time calling this "delivered" until you have it available in contact workflows. 

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@MeganLegge what's the ETA for having this feature available for Contacts? It's great for Companies and Deals, and I've played with it in Beta, but this feature is needed exponentially more in Contacts in my opinion. Can you give us a timeframe? Thanks

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Hello everyone! Thanks for your questions and feedback. We hear you - we're currently, actively (as we speak!) working hard on bringing this feature (among others!) to Contact based workflows. We can update this thread again, once that's complete, for those following along.


To stay in the loop on all major HubSpot product updates, you can also follow our Product Updates blog: https://www.hubspot.com/product-updates

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heads up that if you try to go back to old workflows to utilize this functionality, you can not inset this action in the middle of two existing actions. So you will have to delete some actions and add them again. Be sure to document what you are deleting and re-adding. 

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This feature (Go To Action for Contact Workflows) is currently in private beta! This feature will be available as part of a broader under-the-hood renovation: moving contact workflows to our new workflows system.


Fill out this form to request earliest available access for your account, which will happen when we begin public beta, over the course of the next few weeks: https://forms.gle/oUkexNjHvqoKV4Bt7


When access is given, your most recent contact workflows (those created after August 5th) will be moved to the new workflows system, which gives access to this feature and more. To move an older contact workflow to the new system, you can do so by cloning it: every newly created workflow in your account will then live in the new system.


Please note that once you are opted into the new system, you cannot be opted back out. Read about all of the changes the new workflows system will bring, here: A New Engine for your Workflows 

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@MeganLegge Yay! The beta form is private though.

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Sorry @SarahN! Can you try again?

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@MeganLegge It works now! Thank you!